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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Recommended Checking Android Phone Before Buying

Recently we introduce a brand new OS in Smartphone. What about I am telling you, you already figured it out. Yes, Android.

Android is a latest Operating System of mobile introduces by Google. There are many version of it Gingerbread, ice-cream
sandwich, Jelly-bean etc. So before buying your Smartphone it is important to check its feature and reliability.

So must check your Smartphone's:1. Processor: Must buy those phone have 1Ghz ARMV7 processor (Dual-core). Dont buy less than it. If you buy less than it, you can't beable to play HD games and can't enjoy 3G facility. Also you can't able to video call by skype. So choose those Smartphone which have minimum 1Ghz processor or Dualcore Processor.2. Chipset: If you want to play HD games and HD video just like 720p, 1080p smoothly you must have a Qualcomm Chipset. Itallows you to play HD games and play HD video.3. GPU: It means Graphics Processing Unit. It allows you to latest HD games just like Temple run, Adreno 200 and Adreno 205.4. Ram: Random Access Memory must required 512 MB.5. Rom: Random Overwrite Memory required 1 GB.Those smartphone represent these feature I suggest you to buy those Phone.

Thank You.

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