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Root. Do you know how to do it or what is it? Want to root android? This post will clear your doubts regarding rooting. More often than not, the question of what can I gain and what will I lose/risk when it comes to rooting android phone pops up. It’s in there as 2nd place (debatable of course) in the most common rooting questions. This is because most people that do care about their Android device really want to know before they even try to root. Even the ones that don’t actually care would, at some point, eventually want to know (curiosity still works). In this case, we’ll start with the good news and then the bad news about rooting and provide details about each part.

**  Block the limitations of your Android device's access. Enjoy the wonderful Android features that manufacturers probate.**  Custom ROMs completely change your Android skin. You can even install the latestversion of Android before everyone else. **  Uninstall some useless apps that the manufacturers want to stay anytime. Makeyour Android more comfortable. **  One click to block all of the annoying ads in your downloaded apps. No moredisturbing when you play games. **  Have an anterior enjoy of new Android operating system, Photo Sphere and othernew features before they are released. **  Install an app like open cleaner which can automatically hibernate apps you are not using remove the junk files.

This might not be considered as a “best reasons” list (still debatable!!), but it can provide well enough to help you decide. You can learn to root by installing one apps.

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